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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cures...or Descriptions of the Symptoms?

I had seen this's like an animated after-school special narrated by famous celebs. But Yahoo! is running the following as a tagline for e-mails:

"Ever feel sad or cry for no reason at all?

Depression. Narrated by Kate Hudson."

I am torn to pieces over where to go with this. My first impulse is "to bed with Kate Hudson" but belay that notion for a moment.

  1. Don't most advertisements in this subject area have a symptom, and then a cure? "Limp Dick? Cialis." This is like symptom, then the socially maligning name for your condition. "Feel like a sorry sack of shit? Yeah? We thought so. I'm Kate Hudson, and I'm pretty sure that's called depression. Also, I hate you."

  2. Attack of the -ESSIONS. The contrast between this ad and cologne were just too stark. "Sex on a beach with Kate Hudson in black and white? Obsession, by Calvin Klein."

And that's your truism for today.


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