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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Wednesday Night by the Numbers

Number of fall-down drunk party members before we went to the gansevoort: 1
Number of maker's mark on the rocks at the gansevoort: 2 for MH and 2 for yours truly
Number of models met at gansevoort: 4
Number of "last remaining table so you know it's right by the damn door but we don't give a shit" we buy for our party of 11 at pm lounge, complete with bottle service: 1
Number of bottles of veuve cliquot and belvedere: 2 each
Number of energy drink + belvedere's consumed by yours truly: 3
Number of people who passed out and slept in the gutter: 1
Number of dollars withdrawn at 3:30 am but not remembered: 100
Number of dollars left on Thursday AM: 42
Percent of tab at pm paid by uncle sam: 30


At 11:47 AM, Blogger Rev. Lick said...

So how do we get Uncle Sam to pick up part of the tab when I'm back in a couple of weeks?


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