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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Right after Homecoming I started getting these e-mails from a group of
Tufts DU alums in my Gmail account. (NAMES AND E-MAILS ARE OMITTED FROM HERE ON OUT) I tried to tell them that they have
the wrong guy. It seems that pants.m.dispenser is probably their friend,
whereas pants.dispenser and pantsdispenser are both arriving in my
mailbox. I have repeatedly told them I am not the right guy. But, as
happens when people just hit "reply to all", there's no way to correct
it easily, plus these people are friggin idiots.

The up side is that things have taken a nasty turn. An amusingly nasty
turn. And it's even funnier to me that they have not even contemplated
that their friend, "Pants Dispenser," has not once responded. Maybe it's
because they are just calling ach other names and insulting each other,
instead of reminiscing or being *anything* other than dumb frat
assholes. I might post some of it here.


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pantsdispenser, (laugh) you've been warned. you're on my hit list! -AH


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