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Monday, May 01, 2006

Tasteless Joke

So the NYT on Sunday had yet another story about the guys from Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch recently indicted on insider trading charges. All of them are children of eastern European or Russian immigrants, or immigrants themselves. They made about $6 million by trading in options and stocks [my favorite is when they bought Reebok options on inside information about its acquisition by Adidas/Salomon- and their actions tipped off federal regulators because the trades comprised 80% of the trading in Reebok options in one day]. It's kind of fun to read about how they did things like open accounts in the names of their relatives or stripper girlfriends.

The stripper in question alleges that she is too dumb to understand what was going on. Said a relative of hers:
“To expect her to know anything about the stock market is like expecting her to fly to the moon with a pole,”

Which I thought was awfully short sighted. She flew to the moon with a Russian, not a Pole.


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