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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Official "Deal or No Deal" Drinking Game

You read it here first!

Set up:
Beer. There, you're done.

Each player, before beginning, must pick “evens” or “odds”.

1 Drink

The home state of the contestant is mentioned

Even Case picked –if you picked evens

Odd case is picked- if you picked odds

The banker’s offer is lower than his previous offer

The family/friends of the contestant shouts, “NO DEAL!”

Howie lies and says, “There’s a good chance” or “The odds are good”

One of the models holding a case speaks.

The contestant’s mother or father is on camera

The phone rings

2 drinks

The player rejects the banker’s buyout offer (NO DEAL)

Any case with more than $50,000 is opened.

3 drinks
The banker’s offer is larger than his previous offer

The $750,000 case is opened

4 drinks
The player accepts the banker’s offer (DEAL!)

Any member of the contestant’s entourage introduces himself as Aunt/Uncle [Firstname]

The $1,000,000 case is opened

Optional: Chug whenever the banker is talking or when Howie talks to the banker


At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is retarded rules. my version is way better. its simple, fast way to get drunk. Basically the game starts off by just simply choosing cases and if you choose a case that is high you take a drink. anything in the hundreds, 2 drinks. anything past 1000 is a shot. anything higher is 2 shots. Because realistically the objective is getting drunk to be honest, whose going to keep track of your rules as they get more and more drunk?


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