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Sunday, March 12, 2006


What I did Friday:

What I did Saturday:

Plans for the week:

No, seriously, it seems like last night was frickin crazy. Usually my nights out in the town are with 3-4 other people, with 8 people being "kind of a lot." we had, by my unofficial count, a total of about 18 with a peak at any given time of 14 or so.

Also, last night BLM's girlfriend kicked me in the balls. That was teh SUCK. And we made hockey jokes. And I wrote down some hilarious shit in my notebook- some good material in the making. Also, I am the king of analogies, specifically the Darth Vader analogy and the Castle analogy.

We had lots of laughs, and drank a hefty amount- note to self: for some reason, no amount of sugar seems to make bottled lime juice a suitable mixer. Next time we're using limeade concentrate, or whatever we used for the home-made margaritas a couple weeks ago. So, the list of things which taste bad/worse mixed with lime juice from a bottle:

  1. Southern Comfort
  2. Absolut Citron
  3. cow manure
  4. cadavers



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