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Sunday, January 15, 2006

On Decadence

I just watched two episodes of entourage from tivo, and it got me thinking about what about the lives of the chacters is so appelaiong to me. Part of it is the fact that the show is well written, funny, and says generally meaningful things about the amoral world of Hollywood, Los Angeles, and SoCal. In the episode "My Maserati Does 185" (still can't quite believe the Eagles greatest hits sold more albums than led zeppelin) Eric cheats on his girlfriend and also finds out she has been cheating on him. Vince suggests that the four friends go to Vegas and "have a wild and decdent time."

I like having a wild a decdent time. I've thought back to some wild times I've enjoyed, when things got crazy because a little moola was being thrown around, sometimes by me (ha, like I have anything except for debt to throw around) but also sometimes by others. I think this is tied in to what I want to do with my life/what I need from a career, but I need to think on this more.


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