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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Transit CounterStrike

Having had some discussions with friends and read some items online, I would like to propose that we have some kind of contingency plan for a Transit Strike.

EF, PDO, and AH will need to find a way to work. I think we need Boba Fett Jetpacks. I'll have to sell my speeder- but I won't get top dollar; ever since the t-38's came out, the model I have just isn't in demand.

Since road and bridge occupancy restrictions appear not to affect streets north of 96th, a driver from New Jersey could pick up Teldar Paper staff and park near the office without too much trouble, though there might be significant traffic....Until I open my Vulcan cannon filled with chain-fed .50 caliber whoop-ass! Stand by Ion Control!

BTW, some helpful links:

Gothamist: Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Transit Strike Fear

Gridlock Sam


At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offense, PDO, but Teldar Paper was a viable company with an actual business model, albeit faulty enough to attract the attention of a corporate raider. I think you're using creative license a little too liberally, because Gordon Gekko would have nothing to do with the ass-cannon you call a boss.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Pants Dispenser Operator said...

Also if i idolized my boss as much as chuck idolized gordon gekko....i don't know man.

but it would have been ok to fuck daryl hannah.


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