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Friday, April 29, 2005

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Heckling== The American Way?

From a Story in The Dartmouth Independent:
Baseball player Stephen Perry ’07 commented that “the fact that the school is trying to squander free speech is utterly ridiculous. This is America—baseball and heckling are part of our American freedom—[and] to disrupt this is like punching George Washington in the face.”

See "Keggy" above from the same article.

We've got Gmail, yes, we do! We've got Gmail, how bout you!

Informal Poll: How much of your Gmail are you using? I'm using "101 MB (5%) of your 2144 MB."

Monday, April 25, 2005

On vacation now

Yeah, I'm on vacation. Enjoying the time in lovely CA very much. Visit with JHT was pretty fun, both in SF and in the East Bay. He thought the 'rents home was nice- flattery will get you everywhere.

I'm still exhausted from a hellrazing time Friday night, which had me rolling in at 6:15 with the intention of waking up at 7 to go to JFK for 9am flight. I woke up at 9:30 and left my apartment shortly thereafter. Just a lovely hangover, all around. Where did my last $100 go? Papaya Dog?

Most interesting thing about flight from JFK to Long Beach? Watching the two girls sitting next to me watching ESPN's NFL draft coverage. I saw that out of the corner of my eye and was surprised, but figured, everyone loves the Draft, right? Wrong. Every so often, they would start cooing over some draft pick, blowing kisses at the LCD screen. They were watching it for the hot guys - just like guys watched, with bated breath, coverage of 2004 Women's Olympic Beach Volleyball...HOT HOT HOT is what that shit was.

Butt slaps! Oh yes you better believe it. Yeah, that was an amazing idea. Someone was crtical of the uniform choices (If you got it, flaunt it), but I can accept that those choices were a triumph of packaging over purity of the game. Hehe, package. As in Misty May is one tight little package. Butt slaps!

FYI: "In 1996, beach volleyball became a separate Olympic sport. In the 2004 Olympics, a DJ played music clips between sets while female dancers in short skirts performed. This and the requirement that women players wear more revealing clothing than the men led to accusations that the sport was less respectful than other Olympic events." [wikipedia]

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Man This is Funny

Eat your heart out/RIP Jim Henson.

Cures...or Descriptions of the Symptoms?

I had seen this's like an animated after-school special narrated by famous celebs. But Yahoo! is running the following as a tagline for e-mails:

"Ever feel sad or cry for no reason at all?

Depression. Narrated by Kate Hudson."

I am torn to pieces over where to go with this. My first impulse is "to bed with Kate Hudson" but belay that notion for a moment.

  1. Don't most advertisements in this subject area have a symptom, and then a cure? "Limp Dick? Cialis." This is like symptom, then the socially maligning name for your condition. "Feel like a sorry sack of shit? Yeah? We thought so. I'm Kate Hudson, and I'm pretty sure that's called depression. Also, I hate you."

  2. Attack of the -ESSIONS. The contrast between this ad and cologne were just too stark. "Sex on a beach with Kate Hudson in black and white? Obsession, by Calvin Klein."

And that's your truism for today.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

My Not-Yet-Written Autobiography

I have tentatively decided to call it, Conquering Your Fears Through Battle Therewith: One of These Days I'm Taking Singing Lessons.

I proposed this to my sister and she suggested that I was crazy. I can't, at this point carry a tune past the point where people go, "Man he has no singing ability but at least he knows the words!" Which when you think about it goes pretty far when everyone is drunk or you're doing karaoke, or both.

But I take to heart what someone said to me in October: maybe I am convinced I cannot sing only because my father and my family have repeatedly told me this is the case. This can be learned, right? So watch out, world, I'm coming...I'm coming to getcha...beewow bewowow....Foxy Lady!

Friday, April 08, 2005

When an Ex Moves out, do you let her keep the bed?

Do you keep the bed or get rid of it?

CH makes a good point. "I got rid of the bed. See, the bed is a trap. Any man who gets into that bed with her is making a big mistake. He just doesn't know it yet."

Wow. Fucking Sun Tzu there.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

NEW UCB Show: Harsh

Some of my friends are in the UCB show, "Harsh: Improv Tragedy. Not Comedy" which is funny only when it's seriously fucked up. Saw it last night. Tragic. Evil. Sometimes deadly funny.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


props to BN. She's as cold as Ice, man.

Theme Song For Today

Europe, "The Final Countdown." No question about that.

It's the final countdown! dooo doo dooo doooooooooo.....dooo dooo dooo dooo doooo!!!!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

My First Interview

I was interviewed today by a student journalist doing an article on the phenomenon known as "phantom cell phone vibration"; otherwise known as "whenever I am on vacation and have a secret dread that I will be called by the office or my boss and have to stop being on vacation in order to spring into action.

It goes like this:

Me: Hooray! I just woke up. It's 12:30 in New York, and I don;t have any messages! Yippee!

Some time passes, and I keep wondering if I'll get through the day without a call.


I check my cell phone- did it ring?- nope, it was just the car.


I check my cell phone- did it ring?- nope, it was just the elevator door.


I check my cell phone- did it ring?- nope, it was just a police taser.

repeat throughout the day/week of vacation, transforming vacation into non-vacation.

So you can see that this is something about which I have some knowledge. I don't necessarily want said knowledge, but I have it.

Great things Often Surprise

To the right of this post, you should see "Defective Yeti"- one of my favorite blogs.

In his Favorite posts page, I found this gem, which in light of the Pope's recent passing, seems appropriate, if allegorical only. And somehow a dose of perspective couldn't hurt for BN, as well. Soldier on, man.

Review: Sin City

This movie rocks. Run, Do Not Walk, to see this film. It is gory, violent, masculine, beautifully shot, artistically scored, and wholly engrossing.

If you have ever wondered what comic book heroes would look like next to real people, check out Mickey Rourke's perfomance. He does an amazing job, and furthermore it looks like he's about 6' 8" tall and 350 pounds of solid steel.

Just call me Marv, from now on.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

On my way out on a sunday

yep, that's right.

Friday, April 01, 2005

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