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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The most depressing page in the known universe

Is most definitely this page: the Apple - Support - iPod - Service FAQ. To summarize: U B FUCKED.

I know a lot of people have written in major publications about how apple is like screwing people because their devices are fragile and after trivial stuff happens to them you are shit out of luck. At that point it is more or less a better idea to just buy a new goddam iPod than try to get yours fixed. I listened to their furor and smugly tempted fate- my 20GB iPod has worked pretty well, despite a 3 month period where it wouldn't sync with my iBook, and when I accidentally stepped on it. The display is a little scratched but it was still working after almost 2 years.

Until last week. Now, it syncs with the iBook, and allows me to access the files I have stored on it, and it plays music.

The screen just doesan't work- though the backlight does. So now I have a 20GB iPod shuffle with some really cool playlists and Adobe Photoshop CS and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on it.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

No wonder congressional IPs are banneed from wikipedia

I just found this: The Series on Drinking Games! A useful reference, it would seem.

Sad News

Apparently the Test Icicles (who?) broke up.

Top five Puns I have in response:

I guess they just didn't have the balls to stay together.
That can't be true: stop breaking my balls!
Sometimes genius is two nuts for its own time.
I just can't stop bawling.
I guess seeing them at the Bowery Ball-room is out of the question, now.

and a bonus:

Eat a bowl of dicks, you no good reverb distortion hacks. Or was that
the other band?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You know you work for a nonprofit organization if...

this might all be true for some of you fuckers.

* You feel no shame in asking the plumber if he'd like to donate his services
* You buy your own office supplies
* Everyone shows up for a meeting 10--15 minutes late, but everyone feels the meeting started on time
* Your title only accurately describes one-third of your job duties
* Your home computer works twice as fast as the one at work
* Your office furniture is so old it's moved beyond tacky and become "vintage chic"
* You love what you do and do what you love
* Your mom catered the holiday party food
* You have a lot of vacation time but can't afford to go anywhere
* Ninety percent of your coworkers are women and lunchtime conversation centers around caribou migration patterns
* The first thing they said at your interview was, "We have great benefits..."